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Bay Systems and
Baxa Pharmaceuticals

Bay Systems Inc. is pleased to be working with Baxa Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the premier provider of technological innovations for preparing injectable medications. Our most recent project with Baxa was the development and release of DoseEdge™ I.V. Room Workflow Manager.

We teamed with Baxa to take their product from concept to a working version in an exceptionally aggressive timeframe in order to exhibit the software at a major industry trade show. This gave Baxa a time-to-market advantage in the production of critical technology for I.V. room automation.

The demonstration version of this product was designed in close cooperation with hospital pharmacies and enthusiastically received by hospitals and pharmacists. DoseEdge™ I.V. is the first product to bring the benefits of workflow automation technology to the I.V. room. DoseEdge™ I.V. manages and tracks every I.V. dose. Complete visibility of every dose eliminates common causes of lost doses, missed doses, expensive dose ‘re-makes’, and time-consuming searches for missing doses, while streamlining all dose compounding and checking processes.

Speed to Market = Client Savings

Mark Gerszewski, Chief Technology Officer for Bay Systems Inc., notes that “with a highly experienced, tightly knit team of five development professionals, Bay Systems leveraged leading-edge InterSystems’ technologies such as Caché’s object-oriented, class-based development environment, and Ensemble business services to collaboratively design, code, and test over 200,000 lines of code.”

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